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The BJJ Battle Royale is a community of grapplers who want to document their competitive journey, have a non-biased, objective ranking system, and help define the direction of their sport.

Compete in smaller, streamlined tournaments focused on specific skill brackets and end the pain of waiting to compete.

It Starts with Your Profile

Begin by registering and building a competitor profile. Your picture, belt rank / no-gi level, and competition history are all featured on your profile along with links to your FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and E-Mail accounts.  Your unique ranking adjusts automatically with your wins and losses and resets as you advance to the next level.

Share your accomplishments with your team and school

Your competition record contributes to the successful performance of your School and Team.  Each School and Team has a dedicated page to aggregate and highlight the competition history of their competitors.

Competing is now easy and less intimidating

From a novice looking for a small local white-belt tournament to the serious competitor building up to a regional tournament, BJJ Battle Royale delivers.  Finding and registering for tournaments has never been easier.

Competition brackets are organized, seeded fairly, and run smoother than anything you’ve seen.  Real-time tournament results are provided online for friends and family.  

Enjoy a two or three hour tournament for a change!

It is our hope and vision that the amazing BJJ Battle Royale tournament platform, will be adopted by tournament organizers everywhere to strengthen our community, offer more competitions and make competitor experiences better everywhere. Get Started Today