Our Story

The BJJ Battle Royale is a virtual community of grapplers who want to document their competitive journey, have a non- biased, objective ranking system, and have a say in the direction of their sport. The BJJ Battle Royale was created to respect the competitor’s time, give a fair number of matches, and support a more satisfying competitor experience all around. We seek to support the individual grappler by providing a more than competitive choice of venue and value. The BJJ Battle Royale is not affiliated with any one body and can accommodate different federations, affiliations, and scoring systems.

For the 37 or so odd years I’ve been practicing martial arts I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with competing. I love the challenge of pitting myself against other trained individuals in a match of technique, wits, strength, conditioning, and heart. I hate waiting around all day to do it, not knowing if I’m going to have a minimum number of matches, and busting my butt to make weight only to be combined in another bracket/weight class to get enough matches.

So when I decided to design a new type of tournament that would solve all of these problems and more, I decided to start with the individual competitor’s experience.

When a big tournament organizer runs a tournament they have to pay for the venue - this is a huge bill and a large undertaking which requires that organizer to have to run ten mats, hire 15 referees, 25 scorekeepers, and they have a huge bill they have to pay and need 300 or more competitors to make it worth their time.

As a gym owner, I thought, well we already have space for three competition mats and two warm up mats, so I could cut out the need for 300 competitors to break even and started working from there. In the process of including my gym team and software development team on the mission of creating the best tournament experience for the individual, we have created a truly unique and exciting quantum jump in the evolution of competition.

It is my hope and vision that aspects of the Vanguard Battle Royale, the unique tournament software management platform, ranking system, and social integration tools , will be adopted by other tournament organizers everywhere to make competitors experiences better everywhere.

– Coach Douglas Esposito