Become a BJJ Battle Royale certified referee or scorekeeper
Does your love of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu run so deep that you’ve considered helping others grow from your tournament experience?  Is an injury keeping you sidelined from competing, but you’d still like to be on the mat participating?  Are you an experienced referee or scorekeeper looking for ways to easily find tournaments in search of staff?

Train smart with online tools

With our online referee training and testing program, BJJ Battle Royale provides amazing tools to help novice and experienced BJJ referees and scorekeepers get trained and get paid for participating in their favorite sport.

It starts with your profile

Your first step is to create a profile within our system unless you're already a competitor looking to add qualifications.  Once you’ve designated your interest in participating as a referee or scorekeeper we’ll send you to our BJJ Referee Training Online site.

Breeze through our training program

You’ll go through a series of lessons with a quiz at the end of each section.  Successful completion of the course certifies you as a BJJ Battle Royale Referee which will be reflected on your BJJ Battle Royale profile.

Make money as part of the BJJ experience

It’s never been easier to put money in your pocket being involved in the sport you love.  Browse the website to identify and sign-up for tournaments you’re interested in working.

Tournament organizers can also easily find you from our directory of certified tournament personnel to meet their staffing needs.

Help BJJ Battle Royale and your local schools host tournaments while earning some extra cash.  Start the simple process to become a qualified referee or scorekeeper. Get Started Today

Disclaimer: BJJ Referee Training Online and BJJ Battle Royale are NOT affiliated with the IBJJF.  The IBJJF rules are taught here as they are the de-facto standard for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu point-matches.  We do NOT certify IBJJF referees, only BJJ Battle Royale referees.